Silence | Maria Alejandra V.

First I think about you
When finally I go to sleep.
I had a dream about you and
When I woke up I start
Thinking about you ageing.

When I think about you
A feel really, really sad. When
You said good bye you hurt my
Heart and my heart will never
Feel the same. Now my life
And my dreams are coming
Down because of you.

I always try to get
You out of my mind but when
I always try to do it I can’t.
I try to get your name out of my
Lips and mina but I miss you
More and more. I need you like
I ever had before.

I can’t understand why
You left, if I always did love you.
Please tell me what my mistake was.
Your silence is making me fall down
Like I ever could.
I feel lost if your not tough me.

Is impossible to not think of you.
I would never stop thinking about you
Because you’re in my mind and ever y were
I go I can’t stop crying.
There are smooch tears that are in silence.
I here was to much silence when you left and
Say good bye.

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