Are You Real?

You're a vision you're a dream
you are the best that I've ever seen
you're a dream come true
but when I reach out to touch you
my hand just passes through
please tell me that you're real
you're perfection at its finest
your heart I'd like to steal
and your love I'd like to feel
you're a vision you're a dream
please tell me that you're not
Just a Dream.


Show Me

Just give me a reason
show me a sign
with each passing season
I still try and try
I want to hold on to
what I hope is still there
please reach out and show me
that you still care
I still want to love you
where do I go from here
the questions come easy
the answers aren't clear
I've been there for you
no matter what
but you still don't show me
the love that I want
I am dying inside
my heart and my mind
give me reason to stay
just show me a sign
if the love is one way
I'm just wasting my time.


Your Life

Feel it while it still beats
live it because its your dream
live it because its your life
take it if it makes you feel right
make it what you want to
change it if you have to
do what makes you feel good
do what you think you have to
feel it beat inside you
live it because its your life
your time need I remind you
cut through the chain that blinds you.



Its your truth
its a lie
it's your excuse
your reason why
as long as you convince yourself
you will give anything a try
you said you did
but you did not
you didn't know
that you got caught
you will deny it
to the end
or make a reason to defend
the truth will never leave your lips
on that one thing I can rely
it doesn't matter what the question is
you already know how you will reply
deception is your rule
misleading is your tool
no matter how many lies
you tell me
The Truth Will Never
Leave Your Inside.



So your dreams now reality
that long sought after love
has become yours
seeking through every known corridor
to fill the void in your heart
to fill the desires you have held
finally the light at the end of the tunnel
has shown you the way
and no longer alone
and in decay you have found
the other half of your soul
your love your lover the end
of that lonely road
what will you do now
will you savor every moment
like a slowly sipped vintage wine
and treasure all that is like the crown jewels
will you kiss as though every kiss is the first and the last
will you realize what you have
or will you destroy what you have
or will another do that for you
will you be so foolish as to look
for a meaningless affair and compromise
to your bodies pleasure
and lose this treasure
for you have found love
don't seek it from another
think your actions well
don't throw away what you have found
the road you have traveled to make it this far
is wearing down and will soon be gone
so hold on for dear life
love is too hard to find
and even harder to live without.
So Babe This I Ask You
is this so hard to Remember?